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Self-Sovereign Identity: Securing Digital Identity with Blockchain

Nov 06, 2018 | | Aricent Insights,Security
What is digital identity? We all rely on digital services for many of our daily tasks such as shopping, paying bills and banking. Whatever the digital service, when we create an account with any organization we must prove our identity. This is a standard know-your-customer business practice by many organizations....
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Customer Experience Management: Tiny Details Drive Revenue
This article originally appeared at Wireless Week Today, people are buying more smartphones than PCs....
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Predictive Self-Care
Customer support often determines how happy and satisfied a customer is, and it has grown...
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What Customers Want (Except When They Don’t)
It’s a well known bromide of user research: customers don’t always know what they want...
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More Answers from MPLS-TP Webinar
Aricent recently conducted a webinar on the topic of MPLS-Transport Profile. We had several hundred...
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Carrier Ethernet —A Peek Into the Near Future
2011 marks the 10th anniversary of Carrier Ethernet services launched by the Metro Ethernet Forum...
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Don’t Be a Dumb Pipe: Monetize With Smart Policy Control
Operators today are involved in a vicious cycle of adding bandwidth in order to support...
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