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Self-Sovereign Identity: Securing Digital Identity with Blockchain

Nov 06, 2018 | | Aricent Insights,Security
What is digital identity? We all rely on digital services for many of our daily tasks such as shopping, paying bills and banking. Whatever the digital service, when we create an account with any organization we must prove our identity. This is a standard know-your-customer business practice by many organizations....
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IoT Security and Testing
Most digital devices today are created with wireless capabilities and sensors built into them. The...
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The Future of Software Testing in the Era of AI
Lately, I have read several contradictory articles on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some have trepidation that...
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Automation: A Blind Race?
Automation is one of the jazziest terms used in the software Industry. If you are...
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Even More Answers on the Myths of Agile Testing
[This is a followup to an earlier post on the Myths of Agile Testing.] Following...
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Don’t Criminalize Test-Driving Your Competitors
In a talk earlier this year to employees, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop asked a question...
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Imagining the Possibilities of Mobile Money
Aricent's innovation division, frog design, recently held an event focused on the topic of mobile...
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