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Future Security at the Edge and in the Cloud

Nov 13, 2018 | | Innovation,Security
The era of monolithic software is coming to an end It’s being replaced by a class of software applications comprised of a collection of components or modules. The shift to a decentralized model relies on a microservices-based architecture and open-source software that resides in the cloud and on devices at...
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Failure is a Failure
Failure is all the rage these days. Recently, from Harvard Business Review alone, we have...
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Taming Parkinson’s Law in Software Testing Projects
You are probably familiar with Parkinson’s law, either by name or just by experience. Parkinson’s...
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4G – Delivering a Differentiated User Experience
Aricent's Executive VP of Carrier Services and Solutions, Patrick Joggerst, gives his thoughts on how...
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The Message from the Top: Competition, Open-ness
The message on the second day of Mobile World Congress from the heads of AT&T,...
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Aricent Launches LTE eNodeB Software Framework Optimized for Freescale
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today (Feb 15), Aricent announced the launch of its...
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Feeling the Love at Mobile World Congress 2011
We're in romantic Barcelona, it's Valentine's day, and love is in the air. Specifically, if...
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