LTE broadcast or eMBMS (Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) has been making a buzz in the mobile TV industry (with vendors, technology evangelists, operators etc.) ever since it was first introduced for UMTS in 2006. Strangely this technology did not gain much momentum as per the benefits it can provide. When LTE gained ground in the market then, MBMS reintroduced it as eMBMS. Expectations are high now because a combination of LTE and eMBMS provides more flexibility and uses spectrum efficiently. However, the commercial deployment of eMBMS has not matched up to the expectations.
Technology evangelists were perplexed about why MBMS was not gaining ground in terms of actual commercial deployments, though it is capable of providing huge benefits. This article attempts to analyze this question and provides some very useful and practical use cases where both operators and users stand to benefit.

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