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Edge Computing Unlocks the Networks of the Future

Feb 21, 2019 | | Edge Computing,Insights
Aricent’s Multi-Access Edge Compute solution helps network providers unlock a new potential for the next-generation of networking applications. Edge computing brings hyper-scale computing to applications close to the end device,...
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From Monolith to Microservice: Towards a new API Enablement Strategy

Dec 19, 2018 | | Software Product Development,Software Security
The microservices architecture is gaining momentum as an effective approach for building products or applications out of a functionally decomposed set of services. A microservices architecture allows for rapid scalability...
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Taking Compute Power to the Edge

Dec 11, 2018 | | Aricent Insights,Edge Computing
Cloud computing alone is insufficient to power the next-generation of apps for self-driving cars and augmented reality. These technologies need secure compute power at the edge. The solutions are just...
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Get Ready for the AR Revolution

Nov 26, 2018 | | Aricent Insights,Augmented Reality
“In the last few years, AR has advanced rapidly and is impacting many sectors from education, e-commerce and finance to travel and retail. Brands are beginning to realize the value...
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The Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence

Oct 22, 2018 | | Artificial Intelligence
Human creativity takes giant leap in defining new AI use cases for medicine, finance, agriculture, IT, transportation and more. Humans have always been creative-from harnessing animals and building machines to...
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IoT era! Is security smart enough?
Security is a concern that was, is and will be valid at any given point,...
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Aricent and SmartPlay, a winning combination!
Pradeep Vajram, SmartPlay’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer and now the Aricent President for the...
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Keeping IoT Sensor Development Up-to-Date with the New Era of Interconnectivity
We have entered the "connected intelligence era1," a time when networked devices are constantly engaging...
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Seamless Teamwork: Interoperability among Connected Devices
In the old days, as they say, a phone was a phone and just a...
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Embrace The Wearables Revolution: Distinguishing Features to Set Your Wearable Apart
Have you embraced the wearables revolution yet? If not, you could fall behind, as activity...
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Form Follows Function: 6 Guidelines to Engineering a Successful Wearable Product
Gartner estimates that approximately 4.9 billion objects will be connected to the Internet of Things...
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