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Future Security at the Edge and in the Cloud

Nov 13, 2018 | | Innovation,Security
The era of monolithic software is coming to an end It’s being replaced by a class of software applications comprised of a collection of components or modules. The shift to a decentralized model relies on a microservices-based architecture and open-source software that resides in the cloud and on devices at...
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Aricent Strengthens IBM Power Systems Solutions
We’re proud to share the amazing work we’ve been doing over the past two years...
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Aricent is Engineering the Future – Commemorating three years of the Arise Program
At Aricent, we firmly believe that today’s students represent the promise of tomorrow. That’s why...
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SNAPS-Kubernetes: Launch, Manage and Configure a Cloud-native Platform in Minutes
The role of application developers in driving innovation in software applications is no secret. Developers...
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Digital Transformation of CSPs through Microservices Architecture
Microservices architecture (MSA) can be defined as a system of fine-grained, independent and collaborating services...
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Running IT Operations Uninterrupted Through System Automation
The cost of business application downtime is rising rapidly primarily because companies are dependent on...
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Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles the Future?
What is Hydrogen FCV? The power source of a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) creates a...
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