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Future Security at the Edge and in the Cloud

Nov 13, 2018 | | Innovation,Security
The era of monolithic software is coming to an end It’s being replaced by a class of software applications comprised of a collection of components or modules. The shift to a decentralized model relies on a microservices-based architecture and open-source software that resides in the cloud and on devices at...
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The Road Ahead for 4G++
Aricent finds ways to extend the life of your 4G investments through integration with cloud...
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The Importance of a Smart Billing System
The billing system-also known as the business support system-is a vital tool for communications service...
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Improving the Efficiency of Network Resources through DECOR
Network Slicing is a popular buzzword. You hear it everywhere, whether it’s referring to LTE...
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Small cells, big business
What was touted as the ‘must-attend mobile telecommunications event of 2016’, just concluded with much...
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Wi-Fi complimenting DAS
Wireless Service Providers (WSP) have been extending wireless coverage for both Wi-Fi and LTE/3G/GSM/CDMA by...
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Cloud: Wind beneath ISVs!!
From staying relevant to enabling hyper growth – Cloud is imperative for ISVs! A recent...
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