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Aricent Insights: The Brave New World of Market Intelligence
The speed of business is forever accelerating, driven in large part by the speed of...
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Aricent Strengthens IBM Power Systems Solutions
We’re proud to share the amazing work we’ve been doing over the past two years...
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IoT Trends: Evolving Skills from Devices to Services, and Beefing Up Security
With any new technology wave, the skills required for success in the new wave may...
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IoT Trends: A New Architecture, Re-Defining Scale and “Haystack” Ecosystems
The second fundamental change impacting third-wave product design is a new architecture. Given the ingredients...
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IoT Trends: Four Key Capabilities for Third-Wave Products
Computers used to look like computers. Of course, we saw an evolution of form factors...
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IoT and Beyond: A Third Wave Emerges, Blending Physical and Digital
The Economist describes the current state of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a “quiet...
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