Aricent Strengthens IBM Power Systems Solutions

We’re proud to share the amazing work we’ve been doing over the past two years with IBM on their Power Systems products. Recently, we spoke to Steve Sibley, VP Offering Management for IBM Cognitive Systems and Power Products, and Steve Finnes, Worldwide Manager for Power Systems, HA/DR Solutions discuss how Aricent has served as a valuable partner in bringing design and engineering expertise to IBM’s industry-leading platform and technology.

“Aricent brings a lot to this project and to IBM overall as a partnership. They have experience in IT, they bring a vast amount of resources, they know how to develop products, and they know how to enhance them with the right technical support capabilities along their product development.”

--Steve Sibley

Together, Aricent and IBM have been able to bring to market the high availability (HA) frameworks our clients need to ensure the 24/7/365 coverage their customers now expect. The updated products launched under the partnership have enhanced capabilities that more fully prepare clients to maintain leading HA services, while also providing disaster recovery (DR) solutions for when the unexpected does occur, ensuring that every aspect of our clients’ IT infrastructure is enabled for HA.

“Ever since we’ve started this collaboration with Aricent, we’ve been able to offer a lot more value to our customers,” says Sibley. Watch the interview to find out more about the common challenges today’s businesses face in a constantly shifting development landscape, and how the Aricent and IBM partnership prepares businesses to operate at their very best—all day, every day.

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