Aricent is Engineering the Future – Commemorating three years of the Arise Program


At Aricent, we firmly believe that today’s students represent the promise of tomorrow. That’s why we are pleased to mark a major milestone for Indian on-campus engineering training programs. To date, the ‘Arise by Aricent’ program has trained 8,000 marginalized engineering students in just three years - and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Together with the NASSCOM Foundation, Aricent is celebrating three years of successful on-campus training in collaboration with implementing partners, beneficiaries and many other community-based organizations and agencies who are partners in this journey to impact young lives. The multifaceted ‘Arise by Aricent’ program is designed to inspire and train the next generation of engineers in India from marginalized sections of society. Through this program, we are currently working with more than 2,500 students from tier two and tier three colleges in Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu and Delhi NCR.

Encouraged by the success of the program so far, Aricent and NASSCOM Foundation will be working with more students and teachers in India’s engineering colleges. A particular goal is to support more female engineering students in order to prepare them for leadership roles in IT and the IT enabled Services (ITeS) sector.

The on-campus program educates students from select colleges on a range of technical skills, including angular5, node, scala, reactJS, spring boot, kotline, go, Akka, etc. In addition, training includes non-technical skills such as verbal/non-verbal reasoning, numerical aptitude, logical reasoning, business etiquette, problem solving, time management, customer orientation and interview skills.

Last year’s students were trained by Centum Learning and iPRIMED, two renowned training institutions with a proven track record. The students successfully completed the program of 320 hours of rigorous training and examinations, and they have been provided opportunities to secure job offers through placement drives and job fairs. In fact, a large percentage of these students have already been placed with companies like Google, Genpact, Amazon and IBM with competitive salary packages.

Mr. Ashwani Lal, Chairman CSR Committee and Chief Operations & Quality Officer for Aricent said, “We are humbled that our CSR program has impacted the lives of so many students and their families who really need our support. This is an enterprise-wide commitment to delivering quality engineering education and insight. A large group of Aricent engineers have also volunteered to help make the students industry-ready.”

The ‘Arise by Aricent’ program will continue to grow through partnerships and collaborations. This year Aricent CSR program has enriched the footprints and has added a diverse range of programs, such as those exclusively for female engineering students for advanced computing , training teachers who are teaching engineering students and working  on the upskilling and employability program for students who are visually challenged and transgender/LGBTQ community.

The program milestone was marked with two intensive intellectual discussions: “Skills of the Future - What is the requirement from Engineers of the future” and “Training for the Future.”

Congratulations to all the promising students who have completed the ‘Arise by Aricent’ program. The future of engineering is in good hands!

About the Author

Shamik Mishra


Nuzhat Ali


Dr. Nuzhat Ali, is the Director CSR at Aricent, which is world’s largest pure-play Engineering Company. With a vision – ‘Engineering the future’, the company is contributing to the technology-based economy through its multifaceted CSR program.


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