IoT: The world of connections; so near, yet so far!


The alarm goes off at 6:30 am. A notification pops up on the smart device that sends a request to my driver to pick me from my home and drop me off at the airport for a meeting at 8:30 am. All of this happens without me having to tell my driver about the airport drop. In less than two hours I’m at the airport; courtesy of connected things and the connected ecosystem.

Welcome to the world of seamless connectivity, courtesy of IoT.

This buzzword has been buzzing with notifications in technology, on social media and our smart devices for quite some time now. These notifications happen to somehow correlate with the fact that every other engineer on this planet is Indian.

Jokes aside, has the app ecosystem metamorphosed into the IoT ecosystem? The 1990s brought us the “.com” era, and the runaway success of the likes of Amazon, eBay and Google. In the early 2000s, the technology world came crashing down as a recession hit. Sadly, the internet could only connect so much for a while. Almost two decades later, I feel this time the hype of a seamlessly connected ecosystem is for real as the world--both humans and things-gets more connected through IoT.

I wonder if there will be anything in near future that will not be a part of the IoT world? And if that’s going to happen, I’m sure most of us would agree that IoT will have a larger-than-life impact on business and society around the world in the coming years. But what will that look like?

Connecting the Dots

Within the next 10 years, we will have multiplexed communications for most of our daily routines. From the start of the day to the time we go to bed, IoT will be an integral part of our lives.

Smart home” is the most searched project or feature related to IoT. Doorbell, air conditioner, lighting, electrical appliances, thermostat, etc. are all making use of wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NB-IoT, and are going to be a part of the connected devices ecosystem of the Smart Home.

IoT: The world of connections; so near, yet so far!

Even though IoT may feel like tech jargon and remote from our lives, virtually every object we will touch in the future will generate data that will be shared with us and with other objects in meaningful ways that will make our lives more efficient and connected. We all know what Ethernet did in the 1980s and 90s to connect different nodes. The 2000’s brought us the second generation of connectivity with wireless hubs and hotspots led by 802.11. Fast forward to 2025 and connectivity will reach 1 trillion things. The dots of the last few decades are indeed getting connected!

Smart Paradigm shift

While the internet helped connect humans across the globe through email, video, voice conferencing, online gaming, and the likes, wireless connectivity untethered us from our desktops and paved the way to connect technologies globally on different spectrums. Now, IoT is digitally transforming applications of our daily life using some amazing embedded intelligence. However, we must remember that IoT’s aim is to make it flexible and simple to connect with any object anywhere in the world even more efficiently and smarter. Doubt it?

Imagine an application on a smart device that tells you your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, the level of environmental pollution, temperature and whether you are healthy or not!

IoT: The world of connections; so near, yet so far!

I see a fascinating future of IoT with billions of connected devices and things communicating with each other and with us, that are smarter than humans. That smart device could just be your future best friend. Sorry Google!

One More Thing!

While I was having a conversation with my driver on the way to the airport, I stumbled upon a few more interesting concepts where IoT is the ultimate enabler to plug into the connected world ecosystem. We know how the internet changed the way computers work for humans. And the wireless connectivity revolution of the last decade gave us mobile phones that morphed into smartphones. But IoT is not changing just one or two or even three different things; it’s changing our connectivity in all dimension: life, markets and business!

By the way, my driver is smart and thorough the way it takes care of me. It booked a table for a dinner meeting through Yelp from my calendar that I had forgotten about. What’s more, it doesn’t require a human to drive the vehicle. It is the vehicle, and much more.

Welcome aboard IoTvity!


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