Unified Tracking Solution (UTS)

Unified Tracking Solution (UTS)

Today, with the proliferation of smart devices, the need to provide location-based services to users has become an important criterion for enterprises. We have already started witnessing a significant increase in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices that can provide location-based positioning in outdoor locations. However, enterprises are also facing tremendous challenge in providing location-based services in indoor environments, where the GPS signal is weak. Unified Tracking Solution (UTS), an evolving technology, can be leveraged to ascertain the exact position of a user, both indoor and outdoor. The UTS technology can be leveraged to provide Location-Based Services (LBS) such as, consumer analytics, in-application advertising, infrastructure and logistics services, digital coupon evolution, hyper-local offers (location-based content), emergency services and indoor infrastructure testing. Hence, there is a significant opportunity for enterprises to generate revenue through UTS.

UTS works even in locations where GPS signal is weak and satellite-based tracking is ineffective. It is an end-to-end hardware and software integrated platform that provides location-based tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments. This platform facilitates real-time tracking and provides location services like navigation of people, assets, vehicles, shipments, and pets using mobile devices or tracking hardware. The unified tracking market is growing at a tremendous speed and has the potential to fetch good revenue. Several software- and hardware-based solutions are being worked on, although it will take some more time and investments to come up with a superior solution. The immediate need, today, is to utilize the current available infrastructure and techniques to come up with an effective solution.

Aricent offers UTS that enables clients to provide precise positioning coordinates. Our solution takes advantage of technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi and sensors on mobile devices to provide accurate positioning inside buildings or indoor areas. Aricent UTS provides the following features:

Tracking: The solution facilitates position tracking using the following ways -

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based location tracking that works on Android and iOS platforms
  • Wi-Fi based location tracking done in two ways using Wi-Fi trilateration and signal fingerprinting techniques to track the location
  • Network-based location tracking using the GMLC node in the network to determine the location
  • Mobile sensors like gyroscopes/magnetometer to track the direction of movement and accelerometer to track users’ steps

Content Definition: The solution provides an option of uploading content types, such as images, text, videos and html. There is also an option of editing content using a rich text editor.

Floor Map Integration: The solution displays 2D floor map images with Cartesian co-ordinates. It provides an admin interface to upload the floor map. Integration with third-party indoor maps is supported and there is also a provision to key walking paths in the map.

Point of Interest (POI) Setup: This solution provides an option of adding/updating a new POI, which can be defined either by providing X and Y co-ordinates or by marking point, radius and labels in the floor map. POIs are of two types - access points (beacons, Wi-Fi and BLE) and areas (entry door, exit door, pantry, conference rooms and cubicle).

Dynamic Messaging using Rule Engine: The solution provides an option of displaying dynamic content to users depending on physical location, IN and OUT movements, demographics and device types. It also supports real-time as well as offline user analytics.

Alerts and Notifications: Our solution supports alerts and notifications through text messages, emails and push notifications.

Navigation: UTS provides an option of navigating from current location to the desired POI. This is achieved using floor map, compass, accelerometer, Dijkstra algorithm and/or Wi-Fi-based location tracking for real-time navigation. Further, user location is tuned in using mobile device sensors.

Security: The solution is highly secured and mandates the use of login credentials and role-based access. Also, with multi-tenancy feature, each tenant has its unique, secured set of data elements, and also application infrastructure is shared.

Our clients can leverage this solution to provide personalized offers, real-time information, navigation support, connectivity with people in close proximity and support to gather user analytics. The solution uses Bluetooth tags for proximity-based sensing and Wi-Fi network to determine the user position. The accuracy of the solution is further improved with sensors on mobile devices like accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. To know more about Aricent UTS, please click here - https://www.aricent.com/brochures/unified-tracking-solution


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