Aricent CSR Volunteering – ‘Arise’ by Aricent Increases Employee Commitment towards Societal Issues

Arise by Aricent Increases Employee Commitment towards Societal Issues

You may not be aware, but you are touching lives and changing our future by quietly working with us… I am having a wow feeling right now.” - Engineering student, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET), Greater NOIDA, Friday, July 7, 2017. This quote captures the positive impact the Arise by Aricent had on NIET students that day and the sense of purpose among the young Aricentians who participated in the CSR volunteering program recently launched by the Aricent Corporate Social Responsibility Team.

Announced in March by Ashwani Lal, Chief Operations & Quality Officer, the mission of Arise by Aricent is to provide an opportunity for young Aricent engineers to bridge the knowledge gap between the real-world IT industry and the academic world of engineering students. The program provides technical expert advice and guidance to engineering students, most of whom are on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. To date, more than 150 Aricentians have volunteered their time and talent to the CSR program.

The volunteering program shares the skills of Aricent’s core team of technical experts and engineers to help prepare the future generation of engineers to become successful working professionals. It offers an array of planned activities including technical sessions, lectures and seminars, industry exposure sessions, skype calls, hackathons, cricket matches, a mentoring program and more.

Over the last two months, the enthusiastic Aricentian volunteers were led and mentored by Naveen S Kumar, Ajay Goel, Deepak Sharma, Mayank Rastogi, Harish Kumar K, Dinesh Manila, Sridhar Babu, and Geetu. They have been supported by Vikash Kumar, Vishweswara Reddy, Pratik Sachdeva, Nakka Vineeta, Pranav Sharma, Kavita Verma and Anmol Khedia and many more. The team diligently organised learning sessions, industry exposure sessions and skype calls addressing a variety of topics from the basics of SDLC methodologies to programming languages such as JAVA, project design and software testing, cloud computing, Big Data, IoT and Automation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Physical-Digital Integrations and Everything on Demand.

Amidst their hectic schedules, the volunteers had several rounds of face-to-face discussions and phone calls to organize the sessions. The students were given an orientation about Aricent, including its core business, products and operations. Guest speakers included Alok Wadehra, AVP Engineering, and Anand Sharma, Director REFM. These carefully designed sessions provide students with an opportunity to understand the latest technical trends, how the industry is evolving, demands and gaps in the domain, and how to prepare for the future challenges as new entrants in the engineering workforce.

These volunteering experiences are a paradigm shift as far as social volunteering is concerned. Generally, volunteering is limited to fun activities such as some special day’s celebration, face painting, planting sapling, and reading books at philanthropic or charity events. While time-consuming, this kind of intellectual contribution is an innovative idea in CSR corporate volunteering. In the last month, the team has touched the lives of more than 2000 students, 60% of whom are studying CSE and IT.

Future plans by the team include webinars, hackathons and cricket matches. Student’s feedback to the NASSCOM Foundation and the Aricent CSR team make the sessions a heart-warming moment for all who are engaged in organizing and managing the sessions. Indeed, the Aricent Corporate Social Responsibility program is not only touching the lives of the students, but it is creating a culture of social commitment amongst Aricentians who desire to perpetuate a culture of giving over the long term.

For any information on Aricent’s CSR initiative or the CSR Volunteering program, please reach out to Nuzhat Parveen.


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