Technology Innovations for the Digital Era: Meet Aricent Experts @MWC2017

Technology Innovations for the Digital Era: Meet Aricent experts @MWC2017

Hola! It is that time of the year again when the who’s who of the Communications world and allied ecosystem converge on the mobile world capital Barcelona. With 2,200 companies exhibiting and 100,000+ attendees, MWC 2017 promises to be a significant trade show event. Most companies, including Aricent, invest time and energy to plan their annual presence at MWC. Apart from ensuring you are visible to the people who matter, MWC provides a great platform to grow existing business and generate new opportunities.

So, what is Aricent showcasing at MWC 2017 this year?

  • Aricent’s Converged IoT Solutions: We will demonstrate a new method of human-centered design and turnkey technologies that accelerates time-to-market of the long tail of IoT applications such as track and trace.
  • IoT Security: How do you trust billions of devices? You can't, but there are innovative ways to reduce risk. For example, automating the search for vulnerabilities, create roots of trust and speed up integrity checks using blockchain, federated identity management, and graph theory. Come meet our experts to learn more.
  • V2X: We will show the power of bringing together automated decision making (data science) and intelligent vehicle connectivity (V2X) to open up possibilities for safer driving and new modes of mobility.
  • Designing with data sciences and machine learning: Learn more our Data Science capabilities in machine learning techniques and data-driven design for hypothesis validation and prototype development. Our 'College-Finder' tool is the manifestation of many different machine-learning techniques and algorithms in one experience.
  • 5G/NB-IoT: We will showcase Cellular IoT (LTE) and the journey to 5G capabilities. We will demonstrate how to take advantage of NB-IoT, leverage 5G, and the benefits of cloud-based EPC.
  • 5G and Edge Compute Services: We will showcase Aricent’s NFV and Edge/Fog workload orchestration capabilities using the Aricent MANO Platform, Aricent Virtual Evolved Packet Core, and Containerized Network Function Platform.

We will be delighted to host you at #2UP.B7EMR, where you can experience our next-generation capabilities first hand. Also, join us atFacebook or SK Telecom booths where we’re partnering on the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

Follow us @aricent! We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.


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