V2X for Safer, Smoother and Greener Rides

V2X for Safer, Smoother and Greener Rides

Vehicle to everything technology (V2X) is one of the much watched for technologies in the current connected everything scenario and is expected to make driving simpler, easier, richer, safer, greener and more. V2X communications and related solutions will help communication possible between the vehicle and everything else – V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure), V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle), V2P (Vehicle-to-Pedestrian), V2D (Vehicle-to-device) and V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) et al. V2X is touted to increase road safety, better flow of traffic, save energy and disburse relevant location related information.

Some of the major applications for V2X includes preventing crashes and improving poor visibility scenarios. With integration of V2X with IoT new applications like detection of hazards, dangerous goods among others are possible.

Aricent is part of the ETSI V2X plug fest in Port of Livorno, Italy, 9-18 November, 2016. The event will focus on testing interoperability with third party vendors and field trials. This is the first ETSI plug fest with live on-road trials on V2X technology.

Making cars safer

V2X technology is primarily aimed in ensuring safety of car passengers. The technology is based on Adhoc Wi-Fi non-line of sight communication between car to car (V2V)/car to infrastructure (V2I) with a range of up to 1 Km.

V2X for Safer, Smoother and Greener Rides
Mega Interop Session in progress

The V2X technology includes the following elements:

  • OBU: On Board Unit installed in car, which sends safety messages including the position and safety parameters at regular intervals. The OBU also acts on warning messages received from Road Side Unit (RSU) and safety messages received from peer cars
  • RSU: Road Side Unit installed in road side where road works/hazards are present. This unit sends out warning message to cars within range

Why Aricent

Aricent offer a comprehensive V2X solution supporting non-IoT and IoT applications. Aricent has achieved success with the interop tests so far and will be conducting live field trials from 14 November.

  • Aricent offers V2X framework solution supporting OBU and RSU applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly finding applications in V2X, Aricent offers IoT use cases along with V2X including use cases for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications
  • Important use cases to be demonstrated in the event are – road hazard/road works warning, longitudinal collision risk warning and intersection collision risk warning



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