HackFest 2016


Aricent held its immensely-successful #Hack100-II coding contest on 11 March 2016. But even after a month, it is far from over at least in the mind of every Aricentian. This was proven on 17 March when the #Hack100-II participants and other Aricent employees came together for the HackFest. This event was a technological expo that served a dual purpose. It allowed #Hack100-II participants to demonstrate their state-of-the-art solutions to a wider audience. More importantly, it was an opportunity for every Aricentian to interact with the participants and learn about emerging technologies and innovative solutions, which they had only heard about so far. Needless to say that the HackFest, which was organized in Chennai and Gurgaon, was a runaway hit.

In Gurgaon, Engineering Leader Ajay Goel and in Chennai, Director of Engineering, Rathna Prasad Lankapalli, kickstarted the HackFest by reminding everyone about the mission of #Hack100, which is to help Aricent’s talent to innovate and design solutions that engineer the future. Of the 40 teams that participated in #Hack100-II, 27 showcased their solutions to over a 1000 Aricent engineers in both locations. If the presenters were excited about presenting the result of their hard work in 24 hours during the coding contest, the viewers were equally excited and curious to see the outcome during HackFest.

Each team gave an overview of their project and its potential impact. The teams took several questions from the audience, thereby making the event interactive. It was a win-win situation for everyone. In Gurgaon, the presenters were sooverwhelmed by the large number of visitors and their repeated requests for demos of the solutions that some of them could not even relish the lavish lunch, which was specially organized for them.

The organizers handed out flyers to audience members, so that they may refer to the various ideas on display. Towards the end of the day, three lucky Aricentians in Gurgaon and in Chennai were felicitated for participating.

HackFest, which was an extension of the #Hack100 contest, succeeded in its mission of facilitating knowledge exchange. The event bolstered collaboration among Aricentians and encouraged several employees to participate in the next season of #Hack100. The HackFest officially marks the end of the #Hack100-II season. It has also set the ball rolling for the next season. And if the success of HackFest tells us anything, it is that the next season of Hackathon can be declared the most successful one, even before it has begun.

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