Transformational technology: Is the future virtual?

If there was one thing that MWC 2016 Barcelona got excited about…it was the vision of the future that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg showed everyone. Imagine sharing a 360 degree view of your baby’s first smile! Imagine saving it to look at ages later. Images, videos are all fine, but if we can experience life’s precious moments in virtual reality…why not?! We will definitely buy one of those!


It is quite understood that mobile technology, telecommunication and internet services companies will metamorphose or amalgamate into futuristic versions of themselves. The technology ecosystem which came to life at Barcelona this year analyzed all the path leading to this admirable future. Amidst heated discussions on what was, what is and what will the next crazy innovation be, one fact was clear, that the IoT is here to stay.

It has been oft repeated by experts that, now is the era of disruption and only those companies that get out of the comfort zone to reinvent themselves will survive and succeed. All of the companies and the leaders present at the MWC, demonstrated that they were more than willing to scale up and most of them were managing disruption well.

Future of technology: The concerns


Exciting futuristic visions and state-of-the-art technology aside, there were a few concerns that were highlighted and discussed at the MWC. Aricent CEO Frank Kern, in a chat with Deutsche Welle (DW)1 pointed to standardization as the key issue hampering adoption. Frank insisted that having good standards across companies, across industries was a key requirement, key concern. He also stressed that it is incumbent on businesses to ensure security when selling their Internet-enabled products, as the quality of the products wouldn't compensate for a lack of encryption. "So far, I don't think business has done a good job of securing and explaining how they do secure data and protect it," he said. "Businesses should have themselves certified, they should be willing to be audited for security. Security and quality will be the two big differentiators for companies moving forward."

What will the technology focus be?

IoT of course will be the central focus of every company in the ecosystem across industries. You can bet your last rupee that our future will be smart and connected. And may be for the better, because the world enthusiastically believes in the IoT promise to make our life smarter, safer, easier, productive and entertaining.

How will that happen? Well, a large part of it will come from innovations in the field of IoT related technologies and architecture including communication technology infrastructure, hardware, software, protocols, cloud platforms, machine learning, consumer-focused technologies and technological partnerships among others.

How can Aricent help?

Aricent has always had an agile approach to innovation. We believe in building great products, developing great ideas and in partnerships. This is why our clients recognize us as a dedicated partner during every step of the product lifecycle. Our engineers use their extensive knowledge in communication technologies, user behavior, connected devices, machine to machine, mobile applications, carrier services and network infrastructures to translate emerging trends and technologies into viable products, services and revenue opportunities. Contact us today to know more.

Aricent at MWC

Aricent highlighted IoT strategy and partnerships at the MWC including coverage with Deutsche Welle, Tech Crunch, RCR Wireless News, Telecom Drive, and Computerworld. The Aricent story, our capabilities and what we can do really resonates in the technology world right now!

Partnerships announced at the MWC 2016, Barcelona include:





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