The future is smart!

Imagine this… You live in the smart city of the future! Where the air is non-polluted - thanks to smart alternative energy solutions, traffic is smooth - thanks to smart navigation and parking solutions, where the kids are busy and productive - thanks to smart entertainment solutions, where the elders are taken care of -thanks to smart elderly care solutions, your monthly utility bills are reasonable (wow) - thanks to smart power management solutions, and last but not the least with the smart home solutions, you come back to a home which lights up when it sees you, cooks you dinner and asks you how your day was!

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Internet of Things today is a word that is fascinating to everyone and the world understands that staying connected could be the solution to everyday problems. Who knows it may help us avoid apocalypse someday!

So where are all these solutions that will make our life better you ask? Welcome to the Mobile World Congress which will host the A-list of the smart solutions and related technology across the world and companies. The race to smart solutions for the future starts here and ends here. Critical topics in the smart ecosystem including spectrum for mobile broadband, public policy, personal data, mobile for development, digital commerce, network 2020, oneAPI and connected living are the central focus at the MWC.

Aricent research has revealed a set of four guiding principles to help technology leaders and R&D organizations maximize customer affinity, product development nimbleness, upgradability, and versatility. The four principles will enable them to align their existing products and services to keep pace with emerging technologies while they develop future products and services that tap the full potential of the intelligent technologies in the New Digital Era.

In keeping with this principle, Aricent has developed several smart solutions and technology for the future.

Human-Centered Smart Community Solution: A unique showcase of the core building blocks from the chip, connectivity to cloud that are necessary to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things. The demonstration brings to life 3 use-cases: smart home, energy management and neighborhood safety. On display will be Aricent Software Solutions (IoT Gateway, Indoor Positioning Solution, Wireless Switching and Cloud Orchestration) that allow OEMs and Service Providers to fuel fast paced R&D innovation.

Smart City solutions: Connecting people, place, and things like never before. These solutions solve many challenges that cities face today and also leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver next-generation services to the citizens. The primary services include community management, energy management, safety, security, and optimized control and monitoring of infrastructure. Aricent Smart City solution supports various use cases including community management, smart metering, smart parking, smart street lighting and home automation. It uses Intel® Edison SoC-based gateway platform running on Aricent’s OneM2M IoT gateway software and Cloud analytics applications. The solution allows a community administrator to remotely monitor events and control city infrastructure such as street lights, water pumps and emergency alarms through a centralized location. The solution ensures safety and security of the residents and ascertains efficient use of the common infrastructure.

Smart metering solution consists of a data concentrator on gateway that communicates with smart meters through PRIME PLC and DLMS/COSEM protocols. A cloud application enables the utility group to provide services ― such as connection and disconnection of power, reading and remote maintenance of meters ― to users through the data concentrator gateway.

Smart parking solution helps optimize the parking space usage by detecting parking availability, and thus helping the traffic flow more freely in the city. Parking vendors can upload the data to cloud. A web-based application allows users to check the parking availability remotely.

Home automation system implements automation of home devices based on energy saving and user comfort. The solution uses OpenDR technology to get the real-time dynamic tariff from utility depending on the demand. It also shows daily, weekly and monthly graphs of power consumption. The analytical engine can forecast power consumption in the next few months using the historic consumption data.

Aricent “Smart Home for Elderly” application, winner of the AT&T Dev Summit hackathon: The “Best use of Alcatel-Lucent Call Management APIs” winning application called “Smart Home for Elderly” and developed by Aricent illustrates this opportunity, mixing voice and video calling and IoT innovations and creating new value for customers as a result. “Smart Home for Elderly” allows a 24h/7d safe, non-intrusive surveillance and monitoring of the Alzheimer’s patient activity and health, helping people affected by Alzheimer to live safer and their caregivers to live better. It has multiple use case scenarios including providing caregivers the capability to be alerted with an audio and video call when the smart home reports a status, such as the patient’s door opening at night. The app shows how carriers can now bridge IoT and IP-Communications platforms with mashed-up APIs, enabling real-time automatic outbound calls alerting based on a sensor’s information and allowing people to control the connected objects, easily and remotely, through voice and DTMF.

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