Partnerships to navigate disruption

Between now and forever, one statement that will always hold true is "survival of the fittest." A lot has been written on how to navigate in the era of disruption, how to win and how to ensure that you succeed, while the industries everywhere are undergoing metamorphosis.


Amidst all the must do’s, there is one insight that always stands out from the rest. Partnerships! Experts insist that if you want to manage the disruptive influences and the disruptions you have to find the right partners that complement, supplement and complete what you have to offer. And if they help you take your product to the next level, now that’s the partner you may want to sign-up for a long, long time.

Aricent has always believed in strength through partnership. It’s a core tenet of Aricent’s success—and why we constantly connect and collaborate with other key organizations to ensure that our services and deliverables are at the leading edge, and that they comply with the latest communications standards.

We are pleased to highlight a few of these partnerships at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

Telecom Infra Project to develop better infrastructure, technology

Starting with Facebook which launched the Telecom Infra Project to develop better infrastructure, technology with several partners including Aricent. The project aims at "Scaling traditional telecom infrastructure to meet this global data challenge is not moving as fast as people need it to. We know there isn't a single solution for this, and no one company can tackle the problem alone. Driving a faster pace of innovation in telecom infrastructure is necessary to meet these new technology challenges and to unlock new opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem."

Unified Routing, Switching and Security Device

Ulterius Technologies launched the Flat Data Network-640 device incorporating Aricent software stacks. The device, known as FDN-640 for short, is a unified routing, switching and WiFi appliance featuring carrier-grade security. At Mobile World Congress, Ulterius Technologies will show the platform's multi-protocol credentials with a demonstration of secure Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) transmission.

The device has been engineered to break down the complexity of both carrier and enterprise networks while increasing data security. FDN-640 enforces "zerotrust" networking due to firewall policies residing on every device installed on a network. It also reduces the number of routers and switches required to transmit data and simplifies network administration through a single software interface.

Over-the-Air Diagnostics for Connected Vehicles

Movimento and Aricent have created the Closed Loop OTA Analytics Solution as a mechanism to continuously update and improve vehicle performance and services. The solution is comprised of an on-board gateway combined with cloud-based services that have been developed as a reference architecture by Movimento, leader in Over-the-Air (OTA) software and Aricent, a global design and product engineering services company. The application of Internet-connected telematics capabilities allows car manufacturers to remotely monitor the health, safety and performance of vehicles so the maintenance and repair cycle is improved. While connected vehicles are able to share information on internal systems, there is limited scope for third-parties, such as car makers, to understand what’s happening, or what’s about to go wrong.

Metro Backhaul Solution

Aricent’s industry leading ISS Metro Software framework has been selected by Tarana Wireless, the industry’s unrivaled performance leader in wireless transport solutions for last-mile links challenged by interference, obstructions, and dynamic change.

Aricent’s innovative ISS software is a complete Network Operating System. The solution is packaged with rich features like chassis management, system startup infrastructure, portable library for OS abstraction, persistent database, hardware abstraction to support chipsets from Marvell (Linkstreet, Prestera) and Broadcom ( Saber1/II, KatanaI/II, Triumph, Trident2 etc).

New IP” over SM-OS Based Microwave Radio Portfolio

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA launched the SM-OS, a Future Proof Network Operating System powered by Aricent's ISS, operating transversally in all its next generation products. At its launch SM-OS based products fulfilled all Carrier Ethernet requirements, now largely field proven. In 2015 demonstrated native support of IP/MPLS, evolving from a L2 to a L3 microwave. Now the SM-OS implements native openflow protocols enabling SDN operations.

In this implementation of the new IP, the “Aricent instant VPN” application runs over opendaylight (an open source SDN controller) establishing a L3VPN service over AGS20 microwave radio network elements performing packet forwarding over MPLS tunnels. This is the same hardware deployed in today’s L2 Carrier Ethernet mobile backhauling networks. The application also supports BGP peering toward a traditional

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A strategic partnership always give a competitive edge and also helps the alliances to access and exploit a broader range of resources and expertise. Partnership promotes a common purpose, common sense and a common goal. At Aricent, we feel that together with our partners we can achieve what cannot be achieved otherwise.

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