Smart City, Smarter Life!

A smart city is expected to bring with it a better quality of life, sustainability of natural resources, efficient and reliable infrastructures and services. As of 2014, urban population accounted for 54% of the global population and continues to grow. The global urban population is expected to grow approximately 1.84% per year between 2015 and 2020. This adds to a multitude of teething issues to growing cities such as exploding traffic, poor public transport infrastructure and rampant exploitation of the limited natural energy resources in addition to the safety and security concerns of senior citizens. It poses definite challenges to livability and sustainability.

An interesting study shows that 30% of the city traffic is caused by people looking for a vacant parking spot. This causes wastage of fuel, adds to the pollution, traffic blocks and more over frustration to the driver and others. A well designed smart parking solution can locate parking spaces with various price tags, provide navigation and trigger automatic payment. This smart solution can also help the parking service provider to automatically assess parking demands and change the tariff accordingly. A city council can ensure a uniform allocation across city spaces. Automated tracking of parking violations can generate additional revenue.

If parking is one aspect of the problem, a related one would be the exponential depletion of natural resources, which naturally causes energy prices to soar! A smart grid solution can use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind mills. Residents of a smart city would have roof top solar panels to generate energy and when there is a surplus, it can be fed back to the grid. A Smart Home automation solution can save energy by selectively switching off some of the power hungry home appliance at peak energy demand time.

Another one of the major concern that the world has now is the increasing ageing population. This in turn brings us the need for a smart and efficient elderly care solution. Caring for the elderly has always been an important requirement of our society. As per United Nations Population Fund; 12.3 per cent of the global population is aged 60 plus, and by 2050, that number will rise to almost 22 percent. A smart elderly care solution can help a senior citizen to take the pills and food on time, alert care taker/loved ones in case of emergency. The smart solution would also analyze his/her physical activities, sleeping patterns, and vital statistics - and inform a medical practitioner in case of abnormalities.


Let’s look how IoT can make smarter applications to address some of the issues:
In case of smart parking, low power wireless sensors can be fitted to each parking slot and it can communicate to a wireless gateway whenever a vehicle is parked or moved. Gateway can aggregate the data from many such parking sensors and send to cloud for further processing. A mobile application can retrieve parking data from the cloud and display the availability accordingly. Various business applications such as metering, billing & payment, navigation etc can be integrated to cloud and mobile application to give a complete solution to the user.

Similarly, in case of elderly care, various sensors around the home can send the data to the cloud. A wristband embedded with sensors can monitor his/her health parameters, physical activities and it can also detect a fall and call the designated care taker. Bed sensors data can be used to study the sleeping pattern and quality of sleeping. Pill box sensors and oven sensors can give data how often he take the pills and food. Sensor data along with various cloud analytics can do an amazing job in monitoring, predicting the behavior and probable health issues and suggesting remedial actions.

Finding a partner that can provide a wide range of technologies and solutions can help solution developers get the right products and services to market quickly. Plus, a reliable partner helps ensure that the manufacturers can control costs and ultimately, capitalize on the rapidly expanding market. Partnerships are a key tenet of Aricent's success, which is why we constantly connect and collaborate with other key organizations. Aricent offers smart solutions to help you develop - innovative and user-friendly solutions rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.

The Aricent “Smart community” solution addresses some of the above mentioned issues. The solution includes a well-engineered IoT application that brings together Aricent’s key capabilities and offerings from sensors, connectivity, gateway and cloud solutions. Aricent Smart Community solution provides a complete end-to-end solution with features including Home automation, Smart Energy, Smart parking, Street lighting, Elderly care, Child tracking and Event notifications. The solution is integration of multiple Aricent’s enabling software such as IoT gateway, Indoor positioning system, Cloud deployment framework and Wireless switch software. It make use of various technologies and standards like OneM2M, LWM2M, COAP, MQTT, DTLS, Wifi, BLE, Openstack etc. Smart community solution support multiple commercially available cloud infrastructures.

As part of the collaboration with various semiconductor partners, Aricent IoT Gateway software is ported to Intel, Texas Instruments and Marvell gateway hardware platforms.

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