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Hackathons have grown into a very interesting and productive trend over the last decade, not just to showcase or jam tech ideas but to back a cause or find innovative solutions. These codefests as they are otherwise called, in the recent years, have created some major companies like GroupMe and highly popular ideas including the Facebook ‘Like Button.’


In fact they are so commonplace these days, that organizations, communities and even governments are getting into the act and majorly benefitting from them. Big companies like IBM routinely organize Jams-events where ideas from employees are brought to light, considered, discussed and if valid, endorsed and brought to life!

Hackathons end of the day are the ideal platforms with blanket approvals for creative outlet in an - art meets science and conquers all - kind of way!
We were at the recent 2-day hackathon hosted at AT&T Developer Summit 2016 and that reinforces all the positives that a hackathon brings to the table! This particular hackathon saw participation from more than 150 teams from across the AT&T partner ecosystem, such as IBM, Accenture, Samsung,  Qualcomm, Ericsson, ALU, Intel, TechMahindra and Infosys, to name a few.

Aricent’s Smart Home for Elderly use case won the prestigious sponsor’s award of $5,000, while another use case by Aricent employees, called the Mercury Life Saver, was ranked 13 among the top 20 solutions (out of more than 150 entries).
Aricent also showcased its Industrial Human Companion use case, which was appreciated by one and all. The details on our various use cases presented at the event, are as follows:
Smart Home for Elderly: Aricent Smart Home for Elderly use case demonstrates extended Internet of Things (IoT) technology capabilities by providing customized view of smart homes designed for daily activity monitoring of elderly. ALU call management APIs are used for communicating with the caretaker in case of emergency. AT&T flow designer is used to handle device events and events from Siddhi CEP (deployed IBM Bluemix). AT&T M2X is used for cloud storage and analytics. AT&T flow designer is also used to trigger alerts or notifications and reminders to caretaker dashboard. The use case allows non-intrusive monitoring of the activities of the elderly and their health.

Mercury Life Saver: Mercury Life Saver leverages several communication technologies to deliver an intelligent IoE application that collaborates service providers, insurance companies, hospitals, drones and responders and victims in an n-way mesh real-time communication channel using communication as a service API over the stack of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technology to provide instant relief, instant insurance investigation and prevention from accidents. This team, ranked #13 among the top 20 teams, got the opportunity to showcase their use cases on the stage. Check out the AT&T website where the Top 20 Innovative Apps are listed.

Industrial Human Companion: The Industrial Human Companion helps an individual (such as, an engineer or a technician from the mining industry) in simplifying mining operations. It also provides connectivity for remote care and support. Aricent Industrial Human Companion leverages the Call Management APIs from Alcatel-Lucent and In-App Messaging APIs from AT&T. This app provides:

  • Navigation support to the individual for travelling from one location to another within the restricted zone
  • Determination of the current location of the individual
  • Live call support with individuals on the same floor
  • Danger or zone alerts

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