Aricent and SmartPlay, a winning combination!

Pradeep Vajram, SmartPlay’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer and now the Aricent President for the Semiconductor business unit, reminisces about the recent merger, how it all began and what it means to the employees of the combined organizations.
Pradeep finds SmartPlay and Aricent to be a ‘winning combination’ and says that Aricent and SmartPlay coming together expands Aricent’s services offerings and expertise to help clients, as they accelerate the development of software, hardware and network products for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Pradeep defines SmartPlay Technologies as an established design services company with expertise in digital, analog, wireless software and system design. Significant domain knowledge, end-to-end service offerings, innovative business models, focus on customers’ needs and passion to hire the best are SmartPlay's core strengths, he points out.
He further says that the entire concept of SmartPlay was inspired by the semiconductor market which is poised for rapid growth, with increasing adoption of newer technologies across verticals driven by the connected world. Industry experts have predicted that Internet of Things has the potential to transform the semiconductor industry. Pradeep recalls that when SmartPlay started out there were big service players who were already established in the industry. However, there was a gap in their service offerings to address the evolving smart world. SmartPlay was founded to address these gaps which included strong semiconductor design and embedded software expertise.
Pradeep stresses that by coming together with Aricent, the organizations are well positioned to serve customers in a bigger and better way and thereby emerging as the leader in product engineering service. Today, the combined strength will enable delivery of concept from silicon to systems.
“SmartPlay’s vision has always been to be a product engineering company, together with Aricent, the process has been fast-forwarded,” says Pradeep. Instead of growing organically, which possibly may have been slower, the merger with an organization that has a similar vision and expertise, will accelerate growth and increase value delivered to clients, he adds.
Furthermore, Pradeep points out that Aricent and SmartPlay are very similar companies, in terms of culture, employee focus and commitment to deliver value to clients. He strongly believes that the cultural fit is very important if two organizations are to work together harmonically.
Pradeep believes, today, speed is of the essence in designing a solution and getting it to market. Aricent and SmartPlay teams are both high energy and move fast in addressing any challenges in business. The idea is to put together a plan, match pace and move really fast--that’s why Aricent and SmartPlay are great together!”
In terms of what it means to the employees, Pradeep says this deal will lead to a significant growth in opportunities and career growth for everyone. "Our employees and our engineers will continue to be key to our success. There are a good opportunities for our engineers, with the emerging technology under the Internet of Things - connected cars, homes and industries, and wearables. The market is expanding and anyone who strategizes well and moves quickly will get the majority share. Aricent and SmartPlay, together, aim to do just that."
As a message to the employees, Pradeep stresses that when the promise is to provide a complete solution, we take on more responsibility and deliver more value to clients. “That translates to more clients across the globe, which, in turn, means more opportunities and exposure for our engineers.”
Pradeep also points out that SmartPlay and Aricent are employee-friendly organizations and great places to work. SmartPlay was ranked as “one of the top 50 Best IT & IT-BPM companies to work for in India in 2015” by the Great Place to Work® Institute. He feels since the two companies are culturally alike, there will be a natural adoption of best practices from each other and employee focus will always be high on the list of priorities. "Best of both worlds,” is how he puts it.
On a lighter note with regard to the recent merger, Pradeep says since the deal was confidential only a few people knew about it until it happened. "My family and friends read the news on 11th August and they were very happy about the fact that SmartPlay had joined forces with a respectable brand like Aricent. It’s a valuable deal that was executed in a very short time."
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