What’s Next: More Advancements in Network + Cloud + Mobility + IoT

Mobile technology is transforming how we live, work and play – and every year, Mobile World Congress is the best showcase for “what’s next.” Earlier this week, we shared news about Aricent’s expanded IoT Engineering Services portfolio, and provided an overview of Aricent’s Enhanced LTE innovations. Today we want to share an overview of other new technologies and services that we’re demonstrating at #MWC15:

Aricent is demonstrating new workflow capabilities that help CSPs host, scale and manage their network infrastructure in an agile manner. Aricent can now help CSPs manage the end-to-end network life cycle, including setting up cloud networks, monitoring and managing capacity, predicting network behavior and extending customized services to enterprises and consumers.

Software-Defined Networking/Network Functions Virtualization
Aricent is demonstrating “Instant VPN SDN” software and services that provide a migration path for transport and mobile backhaul networks to SDN architectures. The software also allows management of MPLS VPN control plane services from SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight, without having to implement the complex MPLS control plane protocols. Instant VPN applications support features such as MPLS labels management, optimal path calculation, VPN setup and self-care customer portal for VPN services management.

Cloud RAN
Aricent is demonstrating two architectures for LTE-based Cloud RAN – one that is suitable for dense deployment like those of a stadium, mall or a city square, and one suitable for continuous wide-area deployment. Both the architectures use MAC PDUs on the front haul, thus reducing front haul bandwidth requirements. We are also demonstrating eNB migration in the cloud, which optimizes utilization of underlying IT servers.

Connected Car
Aricent is demonstrating Connected Car software and services that personalize the driving experience, improve safety and integrate with digital consumer lifestyles. We work with auto manufacturers and embedded systems to optimize network bandwidth and integrate vehicle systems with consumer devices, home networks and appliances. We also work with clients to address driver safety through real-time analytics, while integrating smartphones with head units to minimize driver distraction.

Indoor Tracking
Indoor positioning is an evolving technology that can be leveraged to determine where GPS signals fade out and satellite-based tracking is ineffective. Aricent has developed software and services that enable clients to provide accurate positioning via Bluetooth, WiFi and sensors on mobile devices inside buildings or other indoor areas. Bluetooth tags provide proximity-based sensing and WiFi networks help determine users’ positions, enhanced by leveraging accelerometers and magnetometers within mobile devices.

Remote Testing for Mobile Devices
With the unprecedented rate of smart phone adoption, device proliferation and operating system upgrades, it has become increasingly expensive and time-consuming for enterprises to deploy, sustain and enhance mobile applications for employees. Aricent is demonstrating a cloud-based remote testing system that facilitates testing of mobile applications across mobile devices, operating systems and form factors. This helps clients streamline their testing processes, reduce capex and ensure compatibility across platforms.

Asset Management Solution Accelerator
For industrial clients, Aricent has developed software and services that run descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for asset monitoring and management. The software uses Hadoop, Flume, Storm and Hive to collect, validate and store data from varied sources including smart meters, system sensors and other smart devices. It also helps generate dashboards, reports and alerts that provide real-time insights and optimization.

Cloud Management Framework
Aricent has developed enabling software to help clients better manage and orchestrate their cloud environments. The feature-rich software provides a “single pane of glass” management view across multiple public or private clouds like AWS, Azure, OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware and Rackspace. The software can also be used to enable IoT applications across private and public clouds with a seamless user experience.

Social Networking Gateway
Aricent has developed enabling software that provides an abstraction layer to unify content and manage interactions with an increasing array of social networks, thus accelerating time to market and reducing development costs up to 85 percent. The social gateway demo includes built-in connectors that interact with and aggregate content from social networks, email and other enterprise systems.

Please join us at our booth at hall 7, stand 7A11 to meet with our executives and engineers – and see more of what’s next for the network, cloud, mobility and IoT.

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