Another First: Aricent, AMD and ARM Build Cloud-Ready Network on 64-Bit ARM Chip

For more than 20 years, Aricent has been at the forefront of software-powered innovations for communications, including the world’s first frame relay networks, the first WiMax and “small cell” base stations, the first in-flight WiFi service, the first frameworks for software-defined networking, etc.

Today, we’re excited to share another “world’s first” developed together with our partners AMD and ARM. Specifically, we’re announcing and demonstrating the world’s first Cloud/NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) environment powered by a 64-bit ARM-based processor, here at ARM’s TechCon 2014 event.

The innovation is significant because it provides new options for equipment and service providers to manage networking services with reduced complexity and cost. The demonstration is based on the AMD Embedded R-Series SoC (code-named “Hierofalcon”) and was built by AMD, ARM and Aricent engineers, leveraging Aricent’s enabling software.

“We’re excited to be part of this world’s first demonstration with our valued clients and partners at AMD and ARM,” said Rakesh Vij, vice president of innovation at Aricent. “Network Functions Virtualization is a game-changing approach in the market, and this will increase the options available to equipment and service providers. Our collaboration with AMD and ARM clearly demonstrates the power of co-creation to accelerate R&D in fast-moving markets."

ARM TechCon attendees can check out the cloud-ready NFV demo at booth 613 from October 1-3. It demonstrates a virtualized mobile packet core network (vEPC) running subscriber calls from simulated cell phones and tablets (running Evolved Node B software) – with Serving Gateway (SGW), Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW), and Mobility Management Entity (MME) control and data plane functions hosted on the AMD “Hierofalcon” platform.

Under the covers, the demo is also the first implementation of OpenDataPlane and OpenStack cloud software running on a 64-bit ARM processor. The demo is based in part on Aricent’s cloud-ready NFV software for Virtual EPC networks, and takes advantage of Aricent’s in-depth engineering expertise around cloud infrastructures (OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.), hypervisors (VMware, KVM Qemu, VMBox, etc.) and fast path technologies (ODP, DPDK, SE, etc.).

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