Leveraging Disruptors to Create Opportunities

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the Zinnov Confluence conference in Bangalore, where I was able to meet representatives from some of the leading multinational companies in technology, communications and manufacturing.

One of the topics I covered was big trends in the industry and what their impact will be on R&D and product engineering. If you’d like to watch my full presentation, you can find it here. In the meantime, let me give you a summary of what I covered.

To really look into the future, we must look at the trends that are driving the industry, transforming lives and fundamentally changing the world around us. They’re really disruptors but they actually offer great opportunities to uncover new markets, get ahead of the competition and find new ways to address old problems.


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Everything around us is digitizing at lightning speed, or as it’s now being called ‘softwarization’. What I mean by that is that everything is moving to software which then leads to an explosion of cloud services.

Sensors & Data

How about sensors? Not only are sensors and semiconductors everywhere, but they’re getting smaller. As everything goes to software, concurrently sensors are going everywhere. It’s a parallel set of activities taking place.

Really, sensors are nothing more than radios etched into silicon and they’re now less than a buck a piece. That means they’re definitely going everywhere and in everything. In fact, it’s projected that there will be 28 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what accelerating us to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything.

When you have everything that’s going on in software, plus sensors everywhere, you have this data explosion. It’s a massive amount of data that can be used, can be analyzed, and you can do it in real time.

Connectivity — Everything, Everywhere Mobility

Always-on connectivity is the new norm. Everything connects, but everything can connect in an extreme way. It’s about seamless connects — on the land, on the sea, in the air. It’s about connecting any time of the day or night, and connecting in every way possible.


The globalization that’s taking place now is at a different stage than it was less than a decade ago. It’s globalization of ideas and of companies that’s causing a disruption to industries. No longer are we seeing companies that are structured by country. Industry barriers and borders are breaking down so that we’re completely changing the way we look at businesses, how we deliver product and services, and how we work with people.

Any one of these trends on their own is pretty monumental — but they’re all happening at the same time, creating massive amounts of change. That’s why it’s very unsettling, but it’s also a tremendously exciting period of time.

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