Monetizing VoLTE – How to provide HD voice/video services over LTE while minimizing costs and risks

Customers are now demanding the benefits that VoLTE offers in terms of high definition voice and video quality. VoLTE also provides benefits to Operators and OEMs by eliminating the need to support multiple radio technologies thus simplifying development of LTE infrastructure

The webinar will focus on how you can implement a high performance VoLTE solution spanning User Equipment (UE) (IMS Client), RAN (eNodeB), Core (EPC) and IMS Servers. We will also discuss critical issues such as GSMA IR92 compliance for IMS client and EPC, audio specific QoS implementation for eNodeB and policy control on IMS servers. Our experts will also provide exhaustive insights into how you can customize your VoLTE solution to cater to a specific market based on the number of subscribers.

What the attendees will learn from the Webinar:

  • Why there is need to now move from CSFB to VoLTE, and benefits of VoLTE in terms of HD voice and video quality, seamless connectivity etc.
  • The implications of VoLTE on handover between LTE and non LTE networks, roaming, battery life etc.
  • Various factors/components to be considered while implementing VoLTE in terms of IMS client, eNodeB, EPC and IMS server
  • Markets where VoLTE deployments are highly recommended
  • Information on IR92 compliance and its implications

We are conducting a webinar on VoLTE on 26th June 2013, at 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 4 pm BST.

R. Ezhirpavai, Associate Vice President of Technology, Aricent
Ashutos Rath, Principal Systems Engineer, Aricent

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