Zinnov Rates Global R&D Service Providers

The consulting firm Zinnov Management Consulting released its Global R&D Service Providers (GSPR) Rating 2011 last week. The rating is an annual study undertaken by Zinnov to “assist business leaders in spearheading global engineering initiatives and in order to facilitate them in identifying the right partners across geographies.”

While R&D services are only one part of the Aricent Group’s business (and we are proud to be ranked as leading provider of such services in the telecom sector), we read the study with even greater interest because it signifies the profound transformation that the industry is currently undergoing, and pinpoints, at a macro-level, the major technology and social trends that are shaping many more communication-driven industries:

Convergence & mobility

- The need to synergize multiple devices and build in communication across platforms is driving a move towards wireless connectivity and standardization.

- The proliferation of mobile devices in core enterprises is opening up many new opportunities.

Emerging markets

- The E&D services market is increasingly shifting towards the East – in particular India and China – making it imperative for global players to come up with unique products for these locations.

- Companies are looking at partners to help them develop new products for these geographies or take their products to market.

Cloud computing

- The maturity of technology innovations such as virtualization over the years has opened up a whole new spectrum of products that were hitherto unknown.

- New business and delivery models are driving many product engineering initiatives.

Enterprise adoption of the Social Web

- Enterprises have now incorporated the Social Web for not just collaboration but also core business processes.

Green initiatives

- Regulatory push, growing environment consciousness of customers, and the need for portability are driving adoption of energy efficient technologies across industry verticals.

At a more industry-specific level, the study also yielded some interesting results:

- In the overall rating of global R&D service providers, Wipro emerged as the leader followed by HCL, Patni, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam, and MindTree.

- Of the 44 companies that were ranked, the top six players constitute 58 per cent of the total R&D service provider market. All the 44 firms had been assessed on parameters such as human capital, capabilities, financials, ecosystem linkages, infrastructure, and business sustainability.

- While Wipro proves to be leader in the overall rating, HCL, L&T IES, Symphony Services, Tata Elxi, Patni, and the Aricent Group established themselves as leaders in specific industry verticals.

- The US continues to lead in R&D outsourcing, while Europe has been slow to increase distributed R&D.

- The next set of growth for R&D service providers is expected to come from new growing verticals such as industrial automation, healthcare, aerospace, defense, and transport.

- The market for R&D offshoring to India, which stood at $11.8 billion in 2010, is expected to grow to $13.1 billion in 2011 according to Zinnov's estimates. - In 2010, telecom and ISV verticals were forming nearly 50 per cent of the overall spend.

- In R&D services outsourcing, India scores well on availability of highly talented workforce and cost savings while China benefits from domestic market attractiveness.

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