The Myths of Agile Testing, Busted!

Agile software methodologies have gained widespread adoption in both traditional software and telecommunications product development in the past few years. However, with the radical approach to software development introduced by the agile methodology, lots of myths and misconceptions regarding effective testing in this environment have sprung up.

We are holding our first webinar of the year on: Top 7 Myths of Agile Testing – Busted! The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 2pm Eastern Standard Time. Join our experts as they clear the air around seven commonly held myths and misconceptions, and navigate you through the flexible world of agile, leading towards its successful application in your telecom business.

Attendees at this webinar can learn how to bust the top 7 agile testing myths by:

  • Addressing key challenges for testing in an agile environment
  • Identifying typical risks and pitfalls to avoid across testing phases
  • Developing agile testing solutions utilizing recommended best practices
  • Applying real world examples to specific situations in the telecom domain

We will also share agile testing best practices distilled from more than 10 years of testing experience for tier 1 telecom equipment manufacturers.

Who should attend:

  • Project/Product Managers
  • Heads of Testing/Test Managers
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Test Environment Managers/Test Architects
  • Testing Professionals

The webinar will be led by:

  • Srimanta Kumar Purohit, Principal Systems Engineer, Aricent
  • Gopinath Ramachandran, Senior Engineering Project Manager, Aricent
  • Gayatri Singla, Senior Engineering Project Manager, Aricent


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