Imagining the Possibilities of Mobile Money

Aricent's innovation division, frog design, recently held an event focused on the topic of mobile money. This has recently become a hot area, driven by several factors, including:

  • In emerging markets, rising penetration of inexpensive mobile phones is opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and the general public to manage finances in countries that lack robust banking solutions for the poor. frog's Executive Director of Insights, Jan Chipchase, talks about the research study he has been doing in Afghanistan on mobile money, and how it fits into broader needs with how people live their lives.
  • The huge increase in smartphones in more affluent markets, which are inflitrating almost every conceivable aspect of life. Robert Fabricant, frog's VP of Creative observes that every project these days, whether it's in finace or healthcare, "The fundamental starting assumption is that smartphones will be wallet, and your keys, and all of those things."

Watch this short video to get an overview of the themes covered in this event, and hear from some of the participants.

Mobile Money, Afghanistan: Researching the Mobile Frontier from frog design on Vimeo.


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