Aricent Launches LTE eNodeB Software Framework Optimized for Freescale

Aricent Launches LTE eNodeB Software Framework Optimized for Freescale?

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today (Feb 15), Aricent announced the launch of its reference software framework for LTE eNodeB development, optimized on Freescale’s high performance QorIQ communications processors. This high performance reference framework provides Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) with a strong foundation on which they can build high quality base stations of different form factors.

With the mobile data deluge necessitating the acceleration of deployment of technologies such as LTE and femtocells, it has become essential for TEMs to have in their arsenal a comprehensive range of base station products. TEMs today need to support base stations of a wide variety of form factors e.g., femto, pico, micro and macro, as well as of different flavors of LTE such as Frequency pision Duplex (FDD) and Time pision Duplex (TDD). Further, they need to build in dual mode support into many products which support multiple technologies such as 3G and LTE on the same device.

Accelerating LTE Base Station Development

The joint reference framework from Aricent and Freescale provides TEMs with a common building block to develop all their base station products on the same software base and hardware architecture which can be scaled up or down to meet specific product needs. This framework greatly simplifies development and management of the entire base station product line by eliminating the need for multiple platforms and software/hardware architectures, and is planned to be available on the recently announced Freescale QorIQ Qonverge System-on-a-Chip (SoC) platform.

The Aricent-Freescale framework is on display at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in the Aricent booth (#F38 in Hall 1).


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